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About SS Systems

SS Systems has been a successful strategy consulting firm serving Telecom and IT Enterprises since 2002 with expertised hardware and software development team. SS Systems possesses deep industry knowledge and comprehensive operational experience. Our products are built by experts to meet the specific challenges faced by industry participants.

SS Systems industry experience enables the company to integrate knowledge and insight into all our application components, thus providing the clients with a solid, built-in knowledge base to support trading, analytics, and risk control activities.
All of the work starts with an asset performance specification, based on supporting the business plan; we perform the necessary work to sustain the performance specification, neither more nor less

To comprehensively improve business performance, by tapping the desire, creativity and dedication of all organization
staff. Results include an energized workforce, higher infrastructure utilization, lower costs and improved profits.

To be a firm consistently chosen by companies serious about making change; because our values of integrity, benefits achievement, content knowledge, advanced practices and compassion for the workforce match the values of our clients.
We are a management consulting firm that introduces new processes and practices into an organization, through cross functional teams, accountability, and change management, assuring sustained results.

Our Approach
SS System’s approach is for the development of technology solutions, aims to make analysis, and decision-making more informed, efficient, and effective.

Each component is designed to facilitate standard business processes, both when used as a stand-alone application, and also when deployed as part of the fully integrated suite. The integration of software functions and centralization of data enabled by the suite makes it possible for corporations to develop and share common views of business-critical information. From the front to the back office, our software designers are constantly thinking of ways to automate routine procedures, so users can focus on their job functions, rather than on performing repetitive, time-consuming tasks. In order to meet this aim, we ensure the ease-of-use and flexibility of all of our components with extensive testing in business situations.

SS Systems also offers a broad range of delivery options for the application suite. Such options include full hosting services provided by SS Systems, locally deployed solutions on clients’ local servers, or client-tailored combinations of both of these options.