SSS ITP 555 Series Universal Gateway
  • SSS ITP 555 Series is a high-density gateway that supports both media and signalling in a single chassis enabling the Value Added Service providers to bring in their services very quickly and price-effectively. SSS 16E1/T1 Media Gateway is suitable for deployment in E1/T1 network, IP network and converged networks. This product comes in a stackable 1U Chassis, giving excellent cost factor, miniature, unique solution with GUI-Based installation and maintenance for small scale-needs.
4-8E1/T1 PCIe CARD
 SSS ITB 212 Series
  • SS7 Interface boards addresses voice and data applications.
  • Available in 4 and 8 E1/T1 port, 1GbE port.
  • Designed to meet the requirements of media servers and Gateways.
  • Supports applications like IVRS,SMSC,CRBT,USSD and Location base services.